Welcome to Music From Inner Space

This web-site is dedicated to analog synthesizers.
Synth-DIY (Do It Yourself) project diary.

I hoop you will enjoy this web-site.
Music From Inner Space.

Projects    : On the Projects page you can find all the projects i'm working on. 
Information : On the Information page you can find all the information about each project.
History     : On the History page you can find all the changes made on the website.
About       : On the About page you can find a story about the origin of MFIS and a story about my.
The virtual components on this website works best with Vivaldi, Opera and Chrome. In other browsers, these virtual components do not work so well.
Where to find these virtual components on the website: Projects/Virtual Synthesizer/10 Step Analog Sequencer
                                                       Projects/Virtual Synthesizer/Mini synthesizer
                                                       Projects/MFIS Synthesizer/Keyboard